If 1,000 people donate $5 it can provide supplies to the KCEOC Shelter for 6 months! Why buy a cup of coffee, when you can donate $5 and change a life?


How will my donation make a change?

$5 Provide a meal for a homeless woman/child

$10 Provide two meals to a woman/child in the shelter

$25 Provide supplies for a month to one homeless individual in the shelter

$50 Provide supplies to a family for one month in the shelter

$100 Provide food for a month for a homeless individual or child



How to Donate

(Please note: you will receive an acknowledgment email of your donation from KCEOC Mobile Cause for tax-deduction)

1. Click here to access the Donation Form.

2. Fill out the required fields and click "Donate"

3. Go to the KCEOC Facebook, "Share" the #GivingTuesday status, and say "I donated to KCEOC on #GivingTuesdayKCEOC!"